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Recent publications

G. Leftheriotis, E. Koubli, P. Yianoulis: “Combined electrochromic-transparent conducting coatings consisting of noble metal, dielectric and WO3 multilayers”, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 116 (2013) 110–119.

G. Leftheriotis, G. Syrrokostas and P. Yianoulis: “Photocoloration efficiency and stability of photoelectrochromic devices”, Solid State Ionics 231 (2013) 30–36.

G. Syrrokostas, A. Siokou, G. Leftheriotis and P. Yianoulis: “Degradation mechanisms of Pt counter electrodes for dye sensitized solar cells”, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 103 (2012) 119–127

G. Leftheriotis, G.Syrrokostas, P.Yianoulis ““Partly covered” photoelectrochromic devices with enhanced coloration speed and efficiency”. Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 96 (2012) 86-92

M. Giannouli, G. Leftheriotis “The effect of precursor aging on the morphology and electrochromic performance of electrodeposited tungsten oxide films”. Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 95 (2011) 1932–1939.

Recent Projects

GSRT “ΑΡΙΣΤΕΙΑ” Project: COOL NANO», 2012-2015, Principal Investigator: Dr D. Karamanis, University of Western Greece.

GSRT “ΑΡΙΣΤΕΙΑ” Project: «DENEA», 2012-2015, Principal Investigator: Prof J. Kallitsis, Chemistry, Patras Universtiy.

MINEDU “ΘΑΛΗΣ” Project: «NA(Z)NOWIRES», 2012-2015, Coordinator: Dr S. Yianopoulos, FORTH/ICE-HT

GSRT “ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΣΙΑ” Project: «TFT Solar» ,2011-2014, Coordinator: Dr D. Tsoukalas, NCSR DEMOKRITOS.


Lund Univ. (Sweden), UMIST (UK), Ulster Univ. (UK), Jagellonian Univ. (Poland),  Siberian Federal University (Russia), NCSR Demokritos, National Technical Univ. Athens, Univ. of Western Greece, FORTH/ICE-HT, Pilkington, BP Solar, Optronics, Patsis Glass, Uniglass, Heliosphera

The REL is active in the field of solar energy, renewable energy sources and energy saving. In particular, the research activities include the development of materials and devices for renewable energy applications and energy saving in buildings, such as 3rd generation solar cells, electrochromic and photo-electrochromic "smart" windows and materials for insulating glazing. It is also active in the development of solar thermal collectors, photovoltaics and applications, hybrid photovoltaic/thermal systems, concentrating solar energy systems, small wind turbines and passive solar systems.

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